Clarion is a powerful business-orientated programming language and rapid application development tool. It speeds up the development of applications by minimising the amount of raw programming effort needed - allowing the development team to focus more effectively on the business requirements and design issues.

From 1995 to 2010 Clarion was Springwater Software Ltd's main development tool. More recently Microsoft's C# and Visual Studio have moved up to the top drawer of our toolbox.

Clarion is better suited to the development of business applications than more generalist programming tools. It was designed specifically to provide those features that are needed for the creation of powerful business solutions. These features, combined with Springwater Software Ltd's business knowledge and expertise in relational database design, means that we provide software solutions completely suited to real world business requirements.

Our approach to software development

Clarion is well suited to Springwater Software's approach to software development. It helps us in providing a complete solution by allowing development through rapid prototyping and assists in the use of "participative design".

The database at the heart of your business information system

Clarion works with the major database management systems including Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle.

Clarion and other technology together

Many of our projects have involved linking a Clarion application with other technology. Examples include:

  • A sales appointment scheduling system linked with mapping technology
  • An inspection diary system linked into Microsoft Exchange and Outlook